Monday, 20 July 2015

Hi folks

Hi there!

I know, I know, it's been ages. Way too long. But I've not forgotten my blog, nor my readers. On my end, I'm still happy, still with my Frenchman, still making plans for our future. Things are good, very good :)

On the news front, I'm going to be making changes to my blog in the next few weeks. New features coming up... I can't say more, even though I want to! Please bear with me as these changes are happening. I'll be sure to keep you posted as things move forward to keep you in the loop.

Until then, take care.


Datea x

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

When a Frenchman cancels a date

I got this question in my analytics so I thought I'd answer it.

When a Frenchman cancels a date, it can mean different things according to how the cancelling is done. Let's look at a few examples below. As you see they go progressively from WTF to oh honey that's okay.

The no show, answer to your text cancellation
He's 40 minutes late. You're pissed off. You send him a text:
Where are you?
He answers: Sorry, got stuck helping a friend move. Still not finished :(
You write back: What about our date?
He answers: Maybe tomorrow?

The last-minute, no reason cancellation by text
You're just finishing making dinner and you're expecting your Frenchman any minute. When a text comes in:
I'm not going to be able to make it. Sorry :( Another time! Bizzzz

The morning of, I forgot cancellation by text
You're in the metro thinking about what you're going to wear for your date that evening. When a text comes in:
About tonight, I totally forget I said I would take my cousin to Ikea :(( Next week instead? Gros bisous :)))

The night before, I'm sick cancellation by text
You're just about to get an early night when a text comes in:
Honey, I can't believe I got the flu :( I really really want to see you tomorrow but I feel really out of it. Do you mind if we say this weekend? I'll take you out for dinner to make it up to you :))) Gros gros gros bisous :)) 

The night before, I have to work cancellation by phone
You're on the way home when your phone rings:
Baby, I hate to do this but my boss asked me to work late tomorrow night. I told him I had plans and he didn't give two hoots. Can I come over and make breakfast for you Saturday morning? I can't wait to see you.


Datea x